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Nikita is a former professional Ballet dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem and has been teaching Dance and Movement for over 15 years. As a youth, she was also a Track Runner and competed in many Track meets in Long jump and 100. In addition to that she studied African Dance along with other dance styles.  She discovered Pilates as a young dancer and realized it's it's healing modality when she suffered multiple stress fractures in her Tibia partly due to imbalances in her body. With Pilates she was able to completely rehabilitate her injury and come back to dancing even stronger. Nikita works with people of all walks of life such as new mothers, Pre and Post- Natal, office workers, people with injuries and everyone in between. In addition to Pilates she currently teaches Ballet and specializes in Pilates for Athletes and dancers and works with many professional NFL Football players and Basketball Players. Nikita has a passion for teaching others about the power of Pilates and is deeply committed in helping each client reach their specific health goals. She is an energetic teacher that focuses on strength, balance, stability and precision.

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2345 Broadway Oakland, Ca 94612

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